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Metroid Dread reviews Samus’ skills in this spectacular trailer

No, Metroid Prime 4 will still take a while, but never mind, Samus Aran is back sooner than expected. Metroid Dread was announced at the Nintendo conference at E3 2021. It is a 2D action and platform game that captures the essence of the ancient metroidvania. Now, those from Kyoto have distributed a two-minute trailer, in which we can see some of the skills, as well as the weapons of the protagonist.

In the absolute darkness of planet ZDR, strange terrors move in the shadows. A mysterious opponent attacks Samus shortly after she lands in this world. Is it a real Chozo? This species was known for its advanced intelligence and technology, which they used to ensure peace in the galaxy. In fact, they were the ones who gave Samus his mythical costume. Virtually extinct, today it is very rare to find huts alive. Who is this warrior and why does he maintain a violent attitude against the protagonist? All this and much more will be revealed when the adventure hits the stores.

Samus’s abilities

The trailer, which you can see just above these lines, also shows an enemy that appears to be Kraid, a huge beast that Samus has already fought in the past. In terms of skills, some classic and others completely new. For example, the sudden impulse allows Samus to go through different in just an instant. The hook beam, meanwhile, creates an energy cord that allows you to manipulate elements of the stage to avoid the cliffs with a swing. Using the multi-missile, the character fixes and fires a swarm of tiny missiles.

Metroid Dread will go on sale next October 8th exclusively for Nintendo Switch. It is the second title in the saga developed by the Spanish studio MercurySteam, which was already in charge of Metroid: Samus Returns for Nintendo 3DS.

Source | Nintendo (press release)


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