Mexican billionaire offers $ 1,000 to the best meme against a former undersecretary of Tourism accused of assaults

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Ricardo Salinas Pliego, a Mexican billionaire, offered $ 1,000 to whoever shares the best meme against Simón Levy, former Undersecretary of Planning of the Ministry of Tourism.

The former official has been accused of verbally assault Yolanda Santos, a neighbor of his housing complex, with whom he has a legal dispute. In addition, videos about what happened were leaked on the networks and, although at first he denied being the person who appears in them, days later he acknowledged that it was him and offered a Sorry for “any situation that happened”.

The businessman claimed that Levy had threatened an elderly woman and posted a meme to question him. This started an exchange of tweets and, at the proposal of a user, Salinas, who had already offered money on the network previously, launched his proposal in clear mockery of the former secretary.

“I’m going to give 1,000 USD to the best meme, hahahaha. 1. They have to upload it here and tag @SimonLevyMx. 2. Tell him what they think about him stopping the door to Mrs. Emma Yolanda Santos, and I owe her 1.5 Million 3. Give MRT and invite someone else. Let the games begin! “he wrote in his post.

For his part, Levy accused to Salinas Pliego de create a smear campaign together with former president Felipe Calderón and businessman Claudio X. González.

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