Mexican Celebs Santa Fe Klan & Karely Ruiz React to Maya Nazor’s Sizzling Photos

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After the passionate kiss between the Santa Fe Klan and Karely Ruiz at a concert in Monterrey, the names of both characters have managed to completely monopolize social networks during the last days of April.

Now, if we take into account the suggestive photos of the rapper with the OnlyFans model, there is no doubt that the officialization of a new romance would come to light in a matter of days. How will Maya Nazor, the ex-partner of the Guanajuato singer, be taking it?

Mid-April 2023, the names of the Santa Fe Klan and Karely Ruiz were everywhere after the hot kiss that occurred in one of the Mexican interpreter’s presentations. Not content with that, the 23-year-old singer and the influencer decided to turn on social networks with some hot photos that opened the debate about an apparent relationship between the two.

Maya Nazor, Angel Quezada’s ex-partner and mother of his son Luka, decided to “respond” to the publications of the OnlyFans model and the urban exponent with a series of stories on Instagram that they say was for them.

According to Maya’s latest stories and publications, we can show that she has already begun to let go of her past with her son’s father. However, even the message was so direct that several of the followers of the Mexican assure that she has already completely forgotten the Santa Fe Klan.

After receiving harsh criticism on social networks for kissing the Santa Fe Klan, Karely Ruiz broke her silence and admitted that she did like the kiss that was given on stage with her friend. The influencer clarified that Maya Nazor is not her friend and that they only follow each other through the social networks.

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Maya Nazor decided to reflect and sent the rapper a hint with a picture on her Instagram story. However, her actions do not end there, since the young Mexican decided to pack her bags and travel to the most luxurious beaches in Cancun. In this way, the model decided to have a bad time and forget about her past with the urban genre musician in one of the most famous spas on the planet.

Although they are not together anymore, Maya Nazor and the Santa Fe Klan are still related because they have a child in common, but because their fans on social networks are waiting for any wink between them. Thus, several of them realized that Maya Nazor and the Santa Fe Klan are still united by a tattoo that they got when they still have it.

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