Mexican Chef Elena Reygadas Named Best Female Chef in the World by 50 Best

Mexican cook Elena Reygadas has been named the best female chef in the world by the prestigious culinary list, 50 Best. Reygadas is the owner of Rosetta, a restaurant in Mexico City, and is an ardent supporter of Mexican biodiversity and sustainable culture.

Reygadas is no stranger to accolades from 50 Best, having been named the best Latin American chef in 2014. In addition to Rosetta, she also runs a bakery and another restaurant called Lardo, which offers more informal cuisine.

Despite studying English Literature at the Autonomous University of Mexico, Reygadas followed her passion for cooking, which she cultivated within her large family since childhood. She honed her craft in New York and spent four years under the guidance of Italian chef Giorgio Locatelli in London.

At Rosetta, Reygadas produces freshly made pasta by hand, including hoja santa tortellini. She has perfected her approach to traditional Mexican cuisine over the years, with standout dishes such as pipián al pistachio and taco romeritos.

Reygadas’ award marks the third consecutive year that a Latin American woman has won the title of best chef in the world. Colombian Leonor Espinosa won in 2020, and Peruvian Pía León won in 2021.

In response to her accolade, Reygadas praised her team, stating, “Cooking is a collective practice. Therefore, for me, this award belongs to my entire team.”

Reygadas is also dedicated to the future of Mexican gastronomy and has launched a scholarship program for Mexican students who have been accepted into cooking school.

The announcement of the award for the best restaurant in the world will be made on June 20 in Valencia, Spain. As William Drew, content director of 50 Best, stated, “Elena Reygadas works for the future of Mexican gastronomy and we are proud to support her mission.”

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