Mexican cinema: The idol premieres in Mexican cinemas

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Mexican cinema

The film directed by Erwin Neumaier hits theaters. If you like comedies, this is an option for you.

The idol, a Mexican film that hits theaters.  (Photo: Pin Point)
The idol, a Mexican film that hits theaters. (Photo: Pin Point)

Many of us grew up watching films about musicians and singers that were starred by artists who played themselves in fictions of different genres: 60s and 70s romantic comedies to highlight Spanish rock figures, 80s melodramas to promote representatives of popular music such as Rigo Tovar and 90s action plots to publicize the grupera vibe with Los Yonic’s or Bronco. Among the main functions of these films, you can mention its goal of entertaining and satisfying fans of these artistic figures.

Now, in the second decade of the 21st century, comes The idol. It is also a film about musicians, but with the difference that it is a fiction starring actors, that is, a production without the obligation to promote any performer or musical artist. Under this freedom, director Erwin Neumaier turns to comedy to address the vicissitudes of Tomás (Francisco de la Reguera), a young composer who knows his idol, Michel Drax (Víctor Weinstock), a musician in decline that he finds in the work from Tomás an opportunity to resurface as a star.

Between misfortune and the aspiration to success, Tomás establishes a special friendship with Michel Drax. As a consequence of this friendly bond, the musician succeeds with the work of the young composer. Then a topic as current as authorship, or artistic authenticity, is put on the table. Is he really a genius who we think he is or is there a genius behind him doing the job?

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At the same time, Michel Drax has a daughter, Julia (Camila Selser), a woman who cares for him and doesn’t save anything to become Tomás’s enemy, although she is capable of yielding to her own temperament. She guides towards a subplot about the relationship between parents and daughters, especially when they are complex to cope with.

All told with humor, The idol comes to theaters in a period where people also want to go to the cinema to entertain themselves, to laugh for a while. If you are a fan of comedy, write it down among your options.

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