Mexico: how to apply for Spanish nationality if you have surnames of Sephardic Jewish origin

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Spain allows, since 2015, that some people can acquire nationality as long as they have a surname of Jewish origin, a sector that was expelled from the European country since 1942. Thus, the mexican citizens who meet a series of established requirements will be able to access dual nationality.

According to Consulate General of Spain, the Mexican who wants to apply for that nationality, the main thing is to have the , that is, they are originally from that country. In the North American country, there are many surnames considered as such; therefore, you can consider applying for the benefit, in case, of course, they meet the requirements.

To know the documentation and be able to carry out the request, a special platform was enabled by the Ministry of Justice. Find out below how Mexicans with Sephardic Jewish surnames can apply for Spanish nationality.

The first thing you should know is that the Ministry of Justice has set up a platform to make the query. To enter, just .

It is worth mentioning that the request for this procedure is made through the electronic platform enabled by the Ministry of Justice exclusively for this purpose. Likewise, the granting of nationality requires that the condition of Sephardic originating in Spain and the special connection with the country be justified.

According to El Español, there are 5,220 Sephardic surnames that can obtain it (as long as they meet all the requirements). Here is the list:

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