Mexico lowers alert level for Popocatepetl volcano

By: Dan Cooper

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Return to Phase 2 of Yellow Traffic Light in Volcanic Alert for Popocatépetl Volcano

According to the National Civil Protection Coordinator, Laura Velázquez Alzúa, it has been decided to return to phase 2 of the yellow traffic light in the volcanic alert for the Popocatépetl volcano. This decision was made based on the recommendation of the Scientific Advisory Committee (CCA).

CCA Conclusion

After evaluating the recent behavior of the volcano, the CCA concluded that it was important to change the alert level. The volcanic activity showed a slight decrease in some parameters, with emissions of ash and expulsion of incandescent fragments in smaller volumes, as well as a decrease in the frequency and intensity of exhalations and earthquakes.

Expected Outcomes

The CCA warns that tremors, smaller explosions, ash emissions and incandescent fragments could still be expected. There is also a possibility of lahars due to the accumulation of ash and the expected rains.

Preparation and Prevention Measures

Civil protection authorities and the Mexican government have taken preparation and prevention measures since May 21 to guarantee the safety of the population in the face of volcanic risks.

About CCA

The CCA is comprised of specialists from various institutions, including UNAM and Cenapred.

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