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Mia Khalifa and Jhay Cortez Romance scene in Lamborghini

The new great couple of the moment published on social networks a video in which they are seen very much in love walking on top of a Lamborghini. In Tork, we will show you this video that ignited social networks and that served to make the couple official.

The big open secret became official a few days ago. Jhay Cortez shared a photo with Mia Khalifa and confirmed the relationship they have been maintaining for quite some time. Both are beginning to live together and seek to form a couple full of love that does not care what they will say about social networks.

After confirming that they are together, the singer posted a video with the former adult film actress and turned everything on completely. The artist was shown on top of his Lamborghini, one of the many he owns in his huge collection of luxury cars, and was kissing his current partner.

In it, you can see Mia Khalifa grabbing Jhay Cortez’s face and kissing him repeatedly. A small video that anyway serves to demonstrate the great moment they are living together and the tremendous skin they share between them, one of the hottest couples today.

It is not the first time they are seen kissing, in Puerto Rico they were together at a concert of the singer and the situation drove the fans crazy. The relationship between the two began when the former adult film actress starred in the video clip of the song ‘En mi cuarto’ that Cortez made with Skrillex.

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