Miami enabled vaccination on the beach and Argentine tourists lined up to receive a dose

Miami enabled vaccination on the beach and Argentine tourists lined up to receive a dose

Argentines get vaccinated on the beaches of Miami (Photo: TN capture)

Dozens of Argentine tourists were vaccinated against the coronavirus this Sunday at state vaccination centers set up on Miami beaches after Florida health authorities announced that they will immunize people over 16 years of age without the need to show proof of residence.

“We took a few days of vacation without having any idea” that vaccination was open to tourists. “We find out and get vaccinated,” he told TN Alejandra, a woman who came to Florida on vacation and was immunized at a vaccination center set up in Miami Beach. And he added: Now “I feel a lot of tranquility.”

By his side, Gabriel He said that both were given the vaccine Johnson & Jonhson, a single dose.

And he added: “You can enter the official application and if not in the same center set up on the beach they take your data with your passport or driver’s license. Come, it’s 10 minutes and a dose”Of the vaccine.

“That it is so easy to come on vacation and get vaccinated … It’s what everyone is wanting: to be able to get vaccinated. And it was our turn here, “he said.

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Gabriel and Alejandra were vaccinated at the state center on 16th and Collins streets, in Miami Beach. This Sunday there were 400 vaccines available for tourists, who had to queue for a few minutes before receiving the dose.

Flights from Buenos Aires to Miami have been crowded in recent weeks, with prices ranging from 2,500 to 3,000 dollars, the cheapest, although cheaper tickets are usually sold at the last minute due to some cancellation.

The decision to release vaccines

The State of Florida announced Friday that it was releasing COVID-19 vaccines to everyone in the state, even non-residents, and even foreign tourists.

The measure covers those over 16 years of age who can attend to be vaccinated without presenting any proof of residence. In practice, the resolution legalized a situation that had been occurring in recent weeks when hundreds of Argentines and tourists from other countries managed to get vaccinated against the coronavirus in some centers in Miami where the requirements were more lax.

Boost international tourism

The objective of the authorities is to boost Florida’s tourism industry, which has been badly hit by the pandemic. The initiative is aimed especially at the countries of Latin America.

It is estimated that more than six million people were vaccinated in Florida and the demand is much lower today. Statistics even indicate that 26% of Americans refuse to apply the vaccine, so the Department of Health decided to release the immunization without having to prove that the candidate resides in the State.

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The vaccine will be available to anyone “who is a resident or present in Florida with the purpose of offering goods or services for the benefit of residents and visitors to the state,” the Florida Department of Health said Thursday night.

This measure will also allow people undocumented access the vaccine simply by stating, verbally, that they live in the state or that they provide a service in the state.

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