Michael Cohen’s Trial Against Trump Organization: Demanding $13M in Legal Fees

By: Dan Cooper

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Michael Cohen's Trial Against Trump Organization: Demanding $13M in Legal Fees

Michael Cohen, the former personal lawyer of Donald Trump, is heading to trial against the Trump Organization in Manhattan Supreme Court. Cohen is demanding that his former boss’ company pay for all the legal fees incurred during the yearslong legal saga. The trial is set to begin on July 24 and is expected to last for four days.

Cohen, who served three years in custody and cooperated extensively in criminal investigations into Trump’s business dealings, alleges that the Trump Organization violated a 2017 agreement to cover his attorneys’ bills. He claims that the company stopped paying his legal fees after he decided to cooperate with authorities, leaving him with at least $1.3 million in unpaid bills.

The trial will feature testimony from Donald Trump Jr., the CEO of the Trump Organization, whom Cohen’s lawyers have subpoenaed as a witness. Cohen alleges that Don Jr. played a role in determining which Trump Organization employees had their legal fees paid and had his own fees covered in similar matters.

While Cohen’s former boss, Donald Trump, is not expected to attend or testify at the trial, Cohen’s testimony and evidence presented during the trial could have significant implications for the former president. Cohen has been a key witness in multiple investigations into Trump’s business practices and has testified before Congress.

Cohen’s legal troubles began in 2018 when he was raided by the FBI and subsequently pleaded guilty to a range of charges, including violating campaign finance laws by paying hush money to Stormy Daniels and coordinating a similar payment to Karen McDougal. He also admitted to lying to Congress and concealing income and debt.

During his prison sentence, Cohen began cooperating with investigators from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and the New York Attorney General’s office. His testimony and cooperation have led to additional charges against Trump and his organization, including a civil case filed by the New York Attorney General accusing Trump of business fraud.

In addition to the trial against the Trump Organization, Trump also faces federal charges in Florida for mishandling classified documents and outstanding litigation from E. Jean Carroll, who accused Trump of sexually abusing her in the 1990s.

The outcome of Cohen’s trial could have significant financial implications for the Trump Organization. If the court rules in favor of Cohen, the company could be required to pay the outstanding legal fees for three law firms that represented him in various cases and investigations, totaling $13 million.

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