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Michael Douglas Proudly Poses with Son Dylan and Daughter Carys at Glamorous Event

Michael Douglas made a charming appearance on the red carpet in New York City on Wednesday evening, attending the premiere of “America’s Burning” with two of his children.

The 79-year-old actor was accompanied by his son Dylan, 23, and daughter Carys, 21. Both children are from his marriage to the stunning Catherine Zeta-Jones.

For the glamorous occasion, Michael chose a sophisticated look with a navy blue blazer over a light blue button-up shirt. He paired this with belted dark gray slacks and classic black shoes, looking dapper and clean-shaven, his white-gray hair neatly trimmed. The iconic actor, known for his roles in films like “Basic Instinct,” radiated elegance on the red carpet.

Dylan and Carys also looked stylish in coordinated beige and white outfits. Dylan sported a subtly striped blazer with matching pants and a crisp white button-up shirt. His dark hair fell stylishly to his ears, and he looked effortlessly handsome with a hint of a beard.

Carys dazzled in a chic white suit jacket paired with a silvery-gray satin maxi skirt. Her glossy brunette locks were elegantly swept back into a bun, and her natural beauty was highlighted with a light touch of makeup, including a soft pink blush.

While the family exuded sophistication, Catherine was notably absent from the event.

Michael wasn’t just an attendee; he provided the narration for “America’s Burning,” a thought-provoking documentary directed by David M. Smick. The film delves into the fragile state of American democracy and the country’s stark economic divide, offering a hopeful vision for its future.

In addition to lending his distinctive voice to the project, Michael also served as an executive producer. The documentary, which has a runtime of nearly an hour and a half, promises to be a compelling exploration of the issues facing America today.

Michael and Catherine have been married since 2000 and share a beautiful family together. Besides Dylan and Carys, Michael is also a proud father to his eldest son, Cameron, 45, from his previous marriage to Diandra Luker.

This outing followed Michael’s recent revelation of the moment he knew Catherine, his wife of 24 years, was ‘the one’. During an interview on the daytime TV show “Lorraine,” Michael fondly recalled that their romance was sparked by their mutual love for golf.

“You know, Catherine loves golf. That was actually kind of the closest we first got together,” he explained. “Things were looking good and I said, ‘What do you think of golf?’ She said, ‘Oh, I love golf!’ and I said, ‘Oh, you do?’ That’s too good to be true.”

Source: Particle News