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Michael J. Fox Joins Coldplay for Epic Glastonbury Surprise

Every year, the Glastonbury Festival transforms the quiet village of Pilton, England, into a vibrant hub of music, theatre, comedy, and more. For 2024, the star-studded event featured notable headliners such as Coldplay, Dua Lipa, and SZA. However, Coldplay elevated the night further with an unexpected surprise appearance by Michael J. Fox.

During Coldplay’s headlining performance from the Pyramid Stage on Saturday, lead singer Chris Martin introduced their hit song “Humankind” with an impromptu freestyle. This set the stage for Michael J. Fox to join them, guitar in hand, playing his signature Chuck Berry riff. According to Variety, Fox navigated the stage with the help of a wheelchair, ensuring he could fully participate in the magical moment.

Martin enthusiastically welcomed Fox to the stage, singing, “With his Chuck Berry riff and the way he punched Biff: ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Michael J. Fox.”

Fox’s appearance was more than just a cameo; he played alongside Coldplay for both “Humankind” and “Fix You”. Before he exited, Martin offered a heartfelt tribute, acknowledging Fox’s significant influence on the band. “The main reason we’re in a band is because of ‘Back to the Future,’” Martin expressed, “So thank you to Michael, our hero.”

Glastonbury wasn’t short of celebrity sightings this year. Throughout the first two days of the weekend, notable figures like Florence Pugh, Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, and Anya Taylor-Joy were seen enjoying performances from a lineup that included Dua Lipa, Cyndi Lauper, Little Simz, Camila Cabello, and others.

Fox’s collaboration with Coldplay at Glastonbury wasn’t an isolated event. The actor also joined the band on stage in 2016 during their concert at MetLife Stadium. That performance saw Coldplay and Fox team up for renditions of “Earth Angel” and “Johnny B. Goode,” allowing the band to revel in their Back to the Future fantasies alongside Marty McFly himself.

Despite his ongoing battle with Parkinson’s disease, Fox remains active and vibrant, using his platform for more than just entertainment. Since retiring from acting, he has focused on philanthropic efforts, particularly raising funds for Parkinson’s research. His tenacity and dedication led to his recognition at the 2023 Governor’s Ball, where he received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This honor was a testament to his efforts, having raised over $1 billion for Parkinson’s research.

Fox has candidly shared his challenges with the disease, admitting to CBS Good Morning in 2023, “I’m not gonna lie. It’s getting harder. Every day it’s tougher.” Nonetheless, he continues to be celebrated globally, both by fans and peers, not only for his illustrious career but also for his profound impact on charity and advocacy.

As Glastonbury concluded, attendees and viewers alike were left with the lasting memory of an unforgettable performance, enriched by Michael J. Fox’s inspirational presence. His guest appearance illuminated not only his enduring spirit but also the power of music and community at one of the world’s most iconic festivals.

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