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Michael J. Fox Joins Coldplay on Guitar at Glastonbury

Published: 11:23 AM PDT, June 30, 2024

Coldplay had a very special guest during their headline set at the Glastonbury Music Festival in the U.K. on Saturday night!

Fans were taken by surprise when Michael J. Fox was wheeled onto the stage in a wheelchair, holding a guitar.

“With his Chuck Berry riff and the way he punched Biff: ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Michael J. Fox,” said Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin as the Back To The Future star made his entrance before the band launched into “Humankind.”

Fox, who has been battling Parkinson’s Disease since 1991, had his special moment in the spotlight when the band performed their hit “Fix You.”

Michael J. Fox joined Coldplay on stage at the Glastonbury Music Festival and performed ‘Fix You.’BBC Music/YouTube

During the song’s second act, Martin walked over to where Fox and the other members of the band were standing and playing. Martin, 47, then knelt beside the 63-year-old actor, who jammed out on a white and pink guitar during the song’s big instrumental break.

After the song, Martin took a moment to praise the Family Ties star, calling him “a hero.”

“Especially thank you to the main reason we’re in the band,” Martin said looking at Fox. “Because of watching Back to the Future, so thank you to our hero forever and one of the most amazing people on earth, Mr. Michael J. Fox. Thank you Michael J. Fox.”

Fox smiled and waved to the crowd as he was escorted off the stage. Coldplay, who made history by headlining the event for the fifth time, completed their set with the support of Martin’s longtime love, Dakota Johnson, who watched from the crowd.

Fox has been open about his struggle with Parkinson’s and learning to live with the disease, and he is no stranger to a warm reception when making a surprise appearance. In February, Fox received a standing ovation when he took the stage at the 2024 BAFTAs to present the Best Film award.

In April, ET spoke to the veteran actor, who reacted to the special moment.

“It’s still really surprising,” Fox said of the reception from the crowd. “I love it and I appreciate it, but I take it more as recognition of determination and resolve to solve the big problem, and that we all have the power to do whatever it is we can do to move things along. I think people are just saying, ‘Thanks for hanging in there and going after this.’ And I appreciate that.”

Source: BBC Music/YouTube