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Michael J. Fox’s Surprise Appearance with Coldplay at Festival: ‘Mind-Blowing’

Michael J. Fox made a stunning appearance at the Glastonbury Festival in the U.K., joining Coldplay on stage this past Saturday.

The “Back to the Future” actor shared memorable moments from the event via Instagram, expressing his gratitude to the band for the unforgettable experience.

“My team: Lauren, John, Jeff, and Steve… Glastonbury all the love and thanks to the @coldplay team who took such great care of us. And many thanks to Chris, Will, Johnny, Guy, and Phil,” Fox wrote in his Instagram caption.

He added, “Oh yeah, in case you were wondering… it was f—ing mind blowing. There is a time for every band and a band for every time. This is @coldplay’s time.”

Fox posted a photo of himself in a wheelchair on stage with his team, a snapshot in front of a sign that read “optimism is a political act,” and a short video of the band backstage.

According to Variety, Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin welcomed Fox on stage before their song “Humankind,” playfully acknowledging Fox’s iconic performance by saying, “With his Chuck Berry riff and the way he punched Biff: ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Michael J. Fox.”

In a video shared by BBC Music on YouTube, Fox is seen performing from his wheelchair, playing along on the guitar during Coldplay’s song “Fix You.” Martin showed a touching gesture by kneeling beside Fox during parts of the performance.

After the song, Martin expressed his gratitude, mentioning, “Especially thank you to the main reason why we’re in a band, is because of watching ‘Back to the Future,’ so thank you to our hero forever, and one of the most amazing people on earth, Mr. Michael J. Fox. Thank you so much, Michael … hero.”

Coldplay also shared a video of the special moment on their official Instagram page, writing, “Thank you Michael J. Fox for making our dream come true.”

Interestingly, this is not the first time Fox has performed with Coldplay. The actor joined them in 2016 during a concert at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. They played “Johnny B. Goode,” a Chuck Berry classic featured in “Back to the Future.”

The “Spin City” star has been an inspiration for many, continuously battling Parkinson’s disease since his diagnosis in 1991.

In April 2023, the 63-year-old was acknowledged on Time’s “Most Influential People” list. Ryan Reynolds, a fellow Canadian-born star, wrote a heartfelt tribute to Fox, commending his efforts in Parkinson’s research and support for others battling the disease.

“I’ve watched him raise the bar for purpose and passion,” Reynolds wrote. “It’d be kinda lazy to simply characterize him as the greatest champion of Parkinson’s research on the planet. He’s someone who helped my dad, along with millions of others, feel less alone. It’d be kinda lazy to simply regard him as a movie star who shaped the lives of people all over the planet with a uniquely electric wit and self-aware charm. He’s the sum of these beautiful parts.”

Fox continues to be celebrated not only for his monumental contributions to film and television but also for his relentless advocacy and support for Parkinson’s research. His enduring charm and dedication remain a testament to his place in the hearts of fans and admirers worldwide.

Source: Fox News, Variety