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Michael Keaton's Batman & Beetlejuice Finally Meet in an Unlikely Setting

Michael Keaton’s Batman & Beetlejuice Finally Meet in an Unlikely Setting

Artist Joe Quinones, known for his work on the comic adaptations of “Batman ’89,” has created a unique variant cover featuring Batman and Betelgeuse. The cover will be available on “Batman” #152, set to release on September 4. The intriguing artwork captures the chaotic essence of Betelgeuse, making for an eye-catching collectible for fans.

Another notable variant comes from Dan Hipp for “Gotham City Sirens” #2. This cover art, releasing on August 13, 2024, depicts Betelgeuse dancing with Harley Quinn on top of the infamous sandworm monster. The scene features other heroes and villains joining in, making for a dynamic and playful composition that stands out.

DC is also set to release four “Beetlejuice”-themed variants on August 21. One standout piece is a homage by classic horror artist Kelley Jones, drawing inspiration from Bernie Wrightson and Jack Adler’s iconic cover for “House of Secrets” #92, the first appearance of Swamp Thing. The artwork features Betelgeuse looking into a mirror, anticipating Swamp Thing’s arrival, and will be available on the Facsimile Edition of this vintage comic.

Other notable releases include Nicola Scott’s variant for “Nightwing” #117, where Dick Grayson swings through the air while an enormous and terrifying Betelgeuse looms over him. Meanwhile, the variant for “Wonder Woman” #12 shows the Amazonian hero using her Lasso of Truth to tie up a sandworm. Chris Bachalo’s variant for “Superman” #17 is another highlight, showing Betelgeuse lounging on a couch in the Netherworld’s waiting room, humorously interacting with a shrunken-headed Superman and inquiring about his relationship with Lois Lane.

“Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice” is set to hit theaters on September 6, 2024. Fans interested in acquiring these exclusive DC covers should contact their local comic book shops for availability.

Source: Looper