Michael Succar Acurio and overflowing emotion after qualifying Peru to the semifinals of the Copa América

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The reactions left by the confrontation between Peru and Paraguay continue to appear on social networks. During the broadcast of the program “After the Game” the overflowing celebration of journalist Michael Succar Acurio was recorded after the triumph of the Peruvian team.

Through his Instagram account, Succar shared the video that shows how he celebrated the goal scored by Miguel Trauco, which allowed the Peruvian team to qualify for the semifinals of the Copa América 2021.

“First time we have to see a penalty shootout from Peru live. As fans. This came out ”, was the message that accompanied the video broadcast by Succar himself.

In the images we see that Michael is accompanied by his driving partner, former soccer player Diego Rebagliati, both jump with excitement after Trauco’s goal and then join in a sincere hug.

The hosts of “After the Game” did not know that they were being recorded and when they saw the images they were embarrassed.

“It’s embarrassing to look like this, isn’t it?” Diego said sadly. “You never imagine … you don’t see yourself doing that”, Michael Succar managed to say with a shy smile.

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