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Michigan’s Largest IMAX Theater: Discover It Here

If you’ve ever experienced watching an action movie in an IMAX theatre, it’s almost impossible to settle for anything less immersive; going back to a regular theatre can feel a bit underwhelming in comparison.

Even though IMAX is the most immersive way to watch a movie, not every movie needs to be watched with a larger-than-life format and sound system. Take “Oppenheimer,” for example. When that movie hit theaters, everybody was running out to see it in IMAX, including myself. That was a movie that felt a bit disappointing and unnecessary to watch in such a grand way.

You can find IMAX theaters all over the state of Michigan. However, not every IMAX screen is the same. While most people think all IMAX screens are the same size, they’re not.

If you were to ask someone where the biggest IMAX screen in Michigan is, there’s a good chance you would never truly get the correct answer. People have been debating this on Reddit for years. There’s always a discussion about screen size and whether or not the movies are formatted in the IMAX aspect ratio.

The one thing people can agree on is where you’ll find the largest IMAX theater, and that’s at the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation. The Henry Ford Giant Screen Experience is 62 x 85 feet, but some people say they rarely play Hollywood films anymore. For the most part, they only show educational films. Regardless of what they’re showing on the giant screen, it’s massive. For the record, it’s six stories tall and eight stories wide.

Source: newsbreak