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Microsoft 365 will go up in price next year

Office automation tools have become an important part of all computer users. Everyone has access to applications of this style and they serve different purposes, although the most widespread are word processors, spreadsheets and presentation screens. This has been the strategy of Microsoft Office, which little by little increased its application template and now, with all the services it has, will raise the price of these.

Microsoft 365 will increase its price

Let’s go in parts, because someone might keep calling this package Office. Indeed, since its launch, Microsoft’s office suite has been called this way, but recently that has stopped being so. The company has turned around and with everything it offers at the service level, and not just applications, it has brought everything together in the same package that it has called Microsoft 365. For that reason, Even if you still see Office 365, the suite of apps will be called with the name of the signature.

But let’s get to the important thing, and is that Microsoft 365 will go up in price next yearand. The company communicated this in an entry on its blog where it began by reviewing its trajectory. And it is that those of Redmond have been offering and improving their service for 10 years, which is now a subscription service, to such an extent that the time has come to increase its cost.

And now comes the important thing: how much the price of Microsoft 365 rises. The truth is that the amount varies depending on the package you choose, but the reality is that there is no significant increase in the amount. If we pay attention to what the signature blog the prices remain as follows: Microsoft 365 Business Basic ($ 5-6 per user), Microsoft 365 Business Premium ($ 20-22), Office 365 E1 ($ 8-10), Office 365 E3 ($ 20-23), Office 365 E5 ($ 35-38) and Microsoft 365 E3 ($ 32-36). It should be noted that this change in rates will take effect on March 1, 2022.

Conference enhancements

This is not the only novelty that those from Redmond have brought to their audience with the arrival of the new cost of Microsoft 10. It turns out that the company will improve the audio of the conferences that are made through its platform, something that will undoubtedly help the understanding of users every time they hold a remote meeting with their staff.


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