Microsoft allows you to completely eliminate the use of passwords to enter your account

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The passwords It is the most widely used identification and authentication method for decades. For years, many have been in charge of saying that its use was almost extinct, but the truth is that today it is still one of the most widely used methods. However, more and more secure and faster authentication methods are being used, such as the famous fingerprint reader or easy recognition of mobile phones. Now, Microsoft takes an important step that has to do with the use of passwords, since it allows remove their use completely by logging into your account.

Microsoft began implementing this change some time ago, although only for a restricted group of users. However, now everyone will be able to remove the use of passwords to log into your Microsoft account.

A decision that will surely generate debate, since, despite the fact that for many people the use of passwords can be something cumbersome, for having to remember them, even more so when they are not easy to memorize if what we want is for them to be safe. However, on the other hand, there are many who will follow preferring make use of them because it is more convenient for them to use a password manager than some of the alternative methods offered by Microsoft itself.

In any case, it is a decision that has already been made by Microsoft and its particular commitment to end the use of passwords to access your account. The company has already confirmed that the function will reach the world in the coming weeks, so if this option still does not appear, it is a matter of time before we have it available.

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Steps to remove the password from your Microsoft account

To remove the password from our Microsoft account, it is possible to use the Microsoft Authenticator app, Windows Hello, a security key or use the two-factor verification by means of a code sent to our mobile phone. The company’s recommendation is to use Microsoft Authenticator and these would be the steps to follow to remove the password from our Microsoft account:

  • We download the Microsoft Authenticator app and log into our account
  • We log into our Microsoft account.
  • Let’s go to Settings.
  • Next we enter Advanced security options.
  • Now we go to Additional security options.
  • We activate the account configuration without password.
  • We follow the instructions and validate the Athenticator notification.

As we indicated previously, if the option still does not appear among the configuration settings of our Microsoft account, it is a matter of wait a few days until that function is deployed to everyone.


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