Microsoft donates Azure credits to open source projects

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Open source software (OSS) is not only an integral part of the development efforts at Microsoft, the group also wants to support all developers in general who are involved in open source projects. To this end, Microsoft has announced the “Azure credits for open source projects” program.

As part of this offer, the company awards credit points that can be used for one year to access selected Azure services. The credits are particularly available for development-related tasks such as testing or the integration of storage capacities in ongoing projects. You can apply within the framework of the program all open source projects that support a License approved by the Open Source Initiative (OSI) – including, for example, Apache 2.0, GPL or the MIT license.

According to Microsoft, the projects that already benefit from the support include the Unix operating system FreeBSD, the workflow management system Snakemate and the functional programming language Haskell. Further information on the program can be found in the blog post on its announcement as well as on der Azure-Credits-Website.


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