Microsoft Edge will tell you what it is that slows it down so much

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One of the problems that many users face every time they log into their browser is the RAM they consume. With just a few of these tabs there should be no problem, but when it comes to using too many it can lead to an application crash. And this is where Microsoft wants to put a solution by putting a tool to detect memory leaks.

Microsoft works on an Edge debugging tool

It’s a fact that Google Chrome users complain a lot about the browser’s memory abuse. Some have gotten used to it and others have made the decision to use other browsers that are somewhat more efficient. The problem is that those who have chosen Edge as an alternative have encountered exactly the same problem and all because They share the same base as the browser of the great G.

As you can imagine, this behavior negatively affects many, but in Redmond they seem to have a solution. This goes through the use of a new tool that is able to find where the data leaks are or, rather, the most memory-abusing tabs.

The tool behaves in such a way that it detects which tabs accumulate the most memory and your duty will be to close them if that is what you need. According to the company itself in the blog, it is the JavaScript module that fails to accumulate more and more memory instead of freeing it up because it is no longer going to use it. In the video shared by the company they explain the development process and how this debugging system is able to improve the use of Microsoft Edge.

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This is not only found in the web pages that you open, but also in the services that are hosted on the computer or that work within it, such as applications or email services. Of course, this has a great impact on the computer, slowing it down considerably in its fastest uses.

The good news is that this feature is coming soon, since Canary has been in development since version 93 and it is expected that it will be in the stable version of Edge 97 when this improvement is released.


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