Microsoft Exchange Server: China denies hacking allegations from Western countries

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China denies allegations by the US government and its allies that cyber attacks from within their own country are tolerated or even supported. The US government and several allies held China responsible for “irresponsible malicious cyber activities” on Monday. The allegations also came from the European Union, Great Britain, NATO and other partners. However, no consequences such as sanctions were initially announced.

The Chinese Foreign Office spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Tuesday that the allegations were unfounded and purely for political reasons. China does not condone or support cyberattacks. In return, the spokesman accused the US of being “the largest source of cyberattacks in the world”.

Among other things, the USA sees China behind the attack on the email software Exchange Server from the US group Microsoft in March. The allegedly state-affiliated group called Hafnium is held responsible for the attacks. US President Joe Biden has called on China to stop cyberattacks emanating from their national territory.

The Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS) used criminal hackers for cyberattacks, said the White House. In other cases, the government-affiliated hackers have also attacked companies with ransomware in order to extort millions of dollars. The theft of intellectual property and cryptocurrencies is also part of the repertoire of China’s cyber criminals. There is no prospect of an amicable solution with China.


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