Microsoft Office’s mythical Clippy returns, turned into 3D emoji

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As soon as you have been in this world for a few years, you will surely be familiar with an animated avatar that appeared in the programs that made up the Microsoft Office package / suite for Windows between 1997 and 2003: An animated paper clip with two little eyes that acted as a virtual assistant -for many their first contact with these assistants who are now commonplace-, to help you with what you need, from filling in an Excel table to composing a letter in Office.

Microsoft Office Clippy is back

Although there were a few animated wizards to choose from in those versions of Office, Clippy or Clippit was the one that came out by default and the one that became better known – partly because of its charm, partly because to see the rest of the attendees you had to put the Office installation CD back in.

El Clippy de Office 97 it was redesigned for the Office 2000 package. And that’s where it all went to *****, because people hated the new version so much that in the end later versions like Office XP brought the assistant offline by default. Office 2007 and Office 2008 for Mac no longer had Clippy directly.

But we are in the era of pure Nostalgia for everything, especially for the 80s and 90s. And just yesterday, July 14, 2021, Microsoft itself posted a Clippy redesign on his Twitter that polished the original but without changing it too much, arguing that if the tweet reached 20,000 Likes, they would replace the Microsoft 365 paper clip emoji with the new Clippy. To get an idea of ​​what the rock missed this nice clip with eyes, that tweet already has more than 163,000 likes.

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On the left the paper clip emoji that is already history in Microsoft 365, on the right the new Clippy 3D emoji

3D emoji

Clippy will replace the clip emoji that exists in Windows, Office, Microsoft Teams, and other Microsoft 365 products. It’s part of a larger update that will see 1,800 emoji in Microsoft 365 updated with 3D designs and the company’s Fluent Design language.

The wizard turned into an emoji It will start to appear throughout Microsoft 365 in the coming months. Flipgrid will have access to the new emoji next month, and Microsoft Teams and Windows will be updated in the holiday season. Yammer, Outlook, and other Office apps will also see emoji updates soon after.


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