Microsoft resurrects the Media Player app in Windows 11

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Microsoft made big changes with the arrival of Windows 10. Some of the new elements that it integrated replaced others that had been working in the operating system for years and that, perhaps, only needed a cosmetic change. The fact is that throughout their career we have lived with these applications and now everything points to the Redmond making an important change bringing back the Media PLayer.

Hello again, Media Player

It is known by all that on the Internet you can get programs for all kinds of uses. Apps to edit video, do calculations or, why not, play multimedia content. This made a lot of sense before when users were consuming more content of this style which, in many cases, came from a download or from a CD or DVD. But this does not mean that this is not still done today, with the amount of content that is available on the Internet.

That is why multimedia playback applications continue to be used and one of the most famous is Media Player. Currently, Microsoft has another application to replace it, which is none other than Groove and which has reached Windows 10, which was a small disappointment after having been running on the system for a long time. Microsoft tried to give a change to the player as another music service, but it seems that the invention has not worked at all.

But it seems that in Redmond they have backtracked, and that is that although you can still use the application in Windows 10, it will receive an aesthetic renovation and will recover the site that belongs to it. It will not lose an iota of its characteristics beyond podcast features and HDR support.

You can use it, but the new version is in testing

The renewal of Media Player and the goodbye to Groove will mean a change in Windows 11. It is true that you can still use the application, but the changes are on the way. This means that users who have access to the beta part are the first to use this new version.

There is still a bit to know when it will be integrated, depending on what counts TechRadar, so for now you will have to wait for that update to arrive. The good thing is that, as we told you at the beginning, you have many options that you can download from the Internet, such as VLC Player, for example.


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