Microsoft Teams already includes protection against phishing

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Security on the Internet and in the applications you have on your smartphone or computer is essential. Nobody wants their machine to be infected in any way, either by downloading a file received or by entering a web page. For this, the different companies always work on providing new security options and in the case of Microsoft will now have phishing protection in its Teams app.

Always safe links in Teams

In this header we have talked to you about how important it is to be careful in your email inbox as well as in your social networks. Phishing campaigns are always a threat, especially because of how easy they are to fall if you act hastily and without taking into account the small details. Luckily we tell you what they are in connections, but the different companies make an effort to notify you in real time that the link in front of you is not real.

But when it comes to a work network and a colleague has been the victim of this type of mishap, everything can lead to a bigger problem. And in the Redmond house they have taken note, so much that soon you will have at your disposal a new anti-phishing security feature from Microsoft Teams. And it will do everything thanks to home tools such as Microsoft Defender.

Its new secure links feature has several features that make it powerful against these types of attacks. Everything consists in that the application will tell you in real time if the link you have received is secure or not. In the same way, it will also analyze the link that has been written in order to avoid the problem to other users to whom the mail is directed, so that everyone will be safe. In addition, if you click on the link, the browser will warn you that you are going to enter a possibly malicious link, so you will have one last chance to avoid a bigger problem.

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Available in Teams and Office 365

If you are an Office 365 user and you also use Teams in your day to day soon you will have the possibility to avoid phishing campaigns with the help of Defender. In addition, to activate it you will have to configure it through a Secure Links policy in the Microsoft 365 Defender portal.


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