Microsoft turns Xbox’s infamous red ring of death into a poster you can buy

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The so-called “Red Ring of Death” of Xbox 360 it was one of the most infamous public relations disasters of all time, which caused Microsoft to lose more than a billion dollars. Now can you remember this dark chapter in the history of Xbox with a poster sold by Xbox itself.

To commemorate the launch de Power On: The Story of Xbox, the new series multi-part documentary reviewing the platform’s history, Xbox has released a new poster printed with the red ring of death. Printed on “high quality paper from Japan”. This features the famous red icon accompanied by the text “Red ring of death.”.

Poster printing is part of a series that highlights the different chapters of the documentary Power On. It reflects that somewhat direct and unsentimental approach of the documentary, with titles like “And it didn’t turn on” The “The Valentine’s Day Massacre”, the last one with an arrow piercing the heart of the Xbox.

Like any other console, Xbox has certainly had its best moments (the launch of Halo 3) and bad (E3 2013), and the Red Ring of Death is a particularly bad timing. It corresponds to the first games of Xbox 360, which suffered from widespread hardware errors, which forced a massive recall of consoles, and gave the Xbox 360 a reputation for unreliability that he never managed to get rid of completely. On a 2015 episode of the Unlocked Podcast, the former head of Xbox, Peter Moore called the event “depressing”.

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But as with Craig the Brute, the character from the 2020 Halo Infinite trailer which became a recurring meme, Xbox’s strategy has basically been smile and take it with humor. Therefore, the Red Ring of Death is now a indelible part of Xbox history, one that even Xbox itself is strangely proud of.

Lastly, remember that The entire documentary series Power On: The Story of Xbox is now available, where you can get more information about the history of the brand. Without going any further, we have discovered more details about the closure of Lionhead, the studio behind the Fable saga.

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