Microsoft will help you record a narrated PowerPoint from the app

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Since Microsoft launched PowerPoint on the market, it has become a reference app in which it is very easy to create presentations. Each of the slides has to tell something and, in addition, they are helpful to illustrate everything you want to say with images and videos if you prefer. But the Redmond company wants to bring more features with a New highly advanced recording feature already in the testing phase.

Record your PowerPoint presentations from the app

Having a suite of office apps is always helpful for users. Office is the best known and most widespread in the world and you can also use it for free in its online version. But today we have to talk about the improvements that the American company makes available to users of the paid version.

Turns out that Microsoft will soon bring a very advanced slide recording tool to PowerPoint. Until now, creating a slide was just a simple presentation, where you could only speak as you went through each scene. But now all that can be recorded thanks to the new function of the system.

Inside the compilation 14712.20000, which is the one that is active for users of the Insider program, you can now use these new recording functions in which you can determine when the recording starts as well as save all the audio annotations and gestures that are made. We understand by these all the gestures you make with the mouse or with a laser pointer during the presentation, which will surely help you not to lose the presentation and send it later to whoever needs it.

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You just have to indicate the options that you have available to record from the beginning or from the slide you are on and start exposing. Then you must click on the export option, give the file a name and wait for the process to finish. At the moment, this function is in the testing phase and it will be necessary to wait for the entire testing procedure to finish so that it reaches all users.

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