Microsoft will preload the PC Health Check app in Windows 10, why?

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Windows 11 has received a great reception from PC users. Many have made the leap to the new operating system, while others did not meet the requirements and have had to stay out. However, this does not mean that the company’s new software cannot be installed, and little by little Microsoft will install the Health Check feature in Windows 11 for you.

Microsoft will install an optional app on your PC

One of the things Microsoft is known for is its insistence on showing its products to the public. When Windows 10 came to the market, there were many attempts by those from Redmond aimed at spreading its operating system to all the computers in the world, and today there is sure to be a team on which the semi-transparent message of ‘Activate Windows 10 on this computer’ if it is one of the oldest.

It seems that now the signature is in the same position with Windows 11, and it seems that it will soon install an application for you that is optional. The truth is that it is not an app that will cause any harm to your Windows 10 computer, but if it is not necessary to install it, there should be no reason to force the situation. The fact is that it is de Health Check, or Checking the status of your PC as it comes in Spanish.

This is a function that what it does is collect information about your terminal in order to determine if it has the requirements to use Windows 11. It is just that and, in fact, when you go to check Windows 10 updates and you see the The message why you can’t update to the new operating system suggests installing the app.

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What does Windows 10 Health Check measure?

As we commented to you, and echoing what it tells TechRadar on your lines, Windows 10 will have an update where it will install the System Health Check. It will be, specifically, in version KB5005463 when you have it installed without your permission. It is an application that what it does is read all the files and it does it directly without you having to press a button. It has one to see if you meet all the resources that the operating system asks for, but at a glance you can see the status of the battery in addition to the total storage of the system.


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