MicroStrategy CEO believes bitcoin only faces “legitimate risk”

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The CEO of the ‘software’ developer MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, believes that bitcoin only faces a “legitimate risk”, as stated during an interview with Yahoo! Finance.

“The only legitimate risk is a ‘black swan’: an unknown stranger,” explained the businessman. “Have you been hacked? No. Is it going to be banned? No. Can it be copied? We copy it ten thousand times. Every copy has failed, “he added.

A ‘black swan’ is an unpredictable and unexpected event for society that usually has great relevance and impact for socioeconomic agents. An example of this phenomenon would be the start of the First World War.

Saylor believes that the value of the popular cryptocurrency can always go up and argues that two of the main drivers will be inflation and the adoption of bitcoin by technology companies, as he thinks that large companies such as Facebook, Google, Apple and PayPal will accept it.

It will not rise evenly on a perfect exponential curve, but I don’t think we’ll see a world where technology slows down and I don’t think we’ll see a world where currencies don’t keep inflating, “he said.

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On the other hand, the CEO of MicroStrategy explains that his company has become what he calls a digitally owned company. “Our employees and our clients are happier, our brand has increased a hundred times since we took on the Bitcóin strategy,” he said.

This Thursday Saylor advertisement via Twitter that the software developer bought an additional 1,434 bitcoins for about $ 82.4 million in cash. It also details that until December 9 the company owns 122,478 bitcoins, for which it has paid around 3.66 billion dollars.

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A day later, after learning that annual inflation in the US rose to 6.8% in November, marking the highest in the last 39 years, the value of the popular cryptocurrency registered a rise of almost 3% in fifteen minutes, exceeding $ 50,000.

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