Miguel Bernardeau and Álvaro Rico give Elite fans a long-awaited reunion of Guzmán and Polo

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During the first seasons of Elite, the Guzmán-Polo duo was one of the favorites of the series.

But, we already know what happened to the character of Alvaro Rico on Elite 3.

As soon as Miguel Bernardeau, the fourth installment was the last for him in the show Netflix It was his last, as he himself confirmed in an emotional farewell.

“For those of you who have already seen the end of season 4, I wanted to say goodbye and send a kiss to all of you.”

He continued: “filming the series has not been easy, it has been a very beautiful experience, hard on some occasions, but very constructive and we have learned a lot doing it”.

But as for the fans the characters never die (even if they do in the plot) they will always be Polo and Guzmán.

Well, the Spanish actors have just shown that the friendship they developed when they worked together still stands.

Check them out in the video above!


In the second season we saw how the long friendship between Guzmán and Polo was broken. And no wonder, considering that Marina’s brother found out about the mystery surrounding her death.

Therefore, it would be impossible to see them give a romantic kiss on the mouth … Look at them HERE!

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