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Miguel Bernardeau leaves Elite for another Netflix series

Netflix has a super diverse catalog. From classic to youth proposals. Horror, comedy, romance, drama and suspense. The series, films and documentaries that the platform has under its belt are very broad and suitable for all tastes. Elite it is part of that variety. The Spanish series about a group of young people from a high school captured the public immediately and became one of the most watched and popular shows, although that did not stop Miguel Bernardeau said goodbye to the series.

Since its issuance in 2018, it already has four seasons in total and has already been renovated for a fifth. Several young actors have passed through the series who later became stars such as Ester Exposito, Jaime Llorente Y Miguel Herran, who were already known de The Paper House. In addition, it had the participation of the Mexican actress and singer Danna Paola.

It is a fact that the cast became much loved by the fans, but in the next season, Guzmán, played by Bernardeau, will no longer be part of Elite. We tell you why the actor chose to leave the Spanish series.

Why Miguel Bernardeau will not return to Elite

Miguel Bernardeau attracted fans with his character Guzman Nunier Osuna and was present in all four seasons. But if you already saw the last installment you will know (¡SPOILERS!) that this character and Other, interpreted by Aaron Piper, they leave Las Encinas school to undertake a unique adventure around the world. Despite the fact that the followers of the Netflix series knew about this fate of the characters, it was never clear why the production made this decision.

The truth is that on Miguel’s side his projects could have something to do with it. The 24-year-old Spanish actor has already filmed a new series called Everything else, in this case, for HBO and it will be released in the next few months. But not only that. In addition, the young man will embark on a very ambitious project also for Netflix nothing more than with the creators of Dark, Baran bo Odar Y Jan Friese.

Miguel Bernardeau leaves Elite for another Netflix series (Photo: IMDb)

The series is called 1899 and it will be multilingual, that is, it will be spoken in both English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, among other languages. It follows the story of a group of immigrants leaving the city of London on a steamboat for New York. However, on the way, they come across a drifting boat and that will be the beginning of a horrific nightmare.

Yes OK does not have a release date yet, the series could come out next year since in May they began filming in Berlin. This project represents an important opportunity for Miguel Bernardeau who immerses himself in a perfect international production so that his career transcends borders.


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