Miguel Herrán says one last goodbye to La Casa de Papel

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It seems that the actor had to say goodbye permanently to his character “Rio”. But why?

A couple of days ago it was confirmed that the filming of the fifth season of The Money Heist, a long-awaited one that will also give a complete closure to the story of Netflix’s favorite thieves.

This is a very important turning point for the actors of the series, as many were catapulted to stardom thanks to their memorable performances in it. But until its premiere, we will not know what the future of its characters will be, but we must be afraid since there may be several deaths in its next episodes.

One of the most important characters is Rio, who was even the reason that triggered the entire third season after the authorities arrested him for revealing his position by making a mistake.

Miguel Herrán is in charge of interpreting this character and he has just shared some very melancholic words of goodbye to Rio, which makes it very clear that his story has just come to an end.

Details in the video above.

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