Milena Zárate reconciled with her partner after controversy with Thamara Gómez

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Milena Zárate reconciled with her partner after controversy with Thamara Gómez

The Colombian model Milena Zárate revealed that his relationship with Augusto Barrera continues after having clarified the images that the program “Amor y Fuego” presented, where the soccer player is seen at a dinner next to the singer Thamara Gómez.

In a recent interview with the newspaper Trome, the Colombian model clarified that she has spoken with her partner, and that he explained that he met with the singer of “Puro Sentimiento” for work reasons.

“Yes. We were able to talk, he showed me everything (conversations on the cell phone) and we cleared things up “, said the model Milena Zárate, making it clear that her relationship with the footballer is good.

“He had been calling me (the day they protected him), but I didn’t answer him because he was rehearsing for ‘Artist of the Year’. I didn’t imagine it was to tell me, I didn’t call her back because she was also upset. These days a merchandise will arrive from China and I was telling her (Thamara) to be part of the image”, added.

Likewise, Milena Zárate clarified that during the conversation with her partner she made it clear that she should notify her before being surprised live with images that do not do the relationship good.

“Obviously. I already told him: ‘If it happens the other way around, what would happen? How would you feel if they take you to a program and show images of me? ‘ He more than anyone knows the genius I have and how distrustful I am. I trust him because he has never given me reasons to distrust, but that took me out of the picture (the images) because it had never happened “, he specified.

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