Miluska Eskenazi plays a fairy in a play but is discriminated against with racist messages

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Miluska Eskenazi denounced – through a video she shared on her social networks – that she has been a victim of racism and discrimination by people who question her playing a fairy in her own play.

A few days ago, the actress and singer announced that this December 18 she would premiere the musical “Shine Now”, a project that she is preparing with her boyfriend and where she will play the role of this fantastic being, which has earned him harsh criticism.

The reason? Well, some users do not agree that Miluska embodies the protagonist of this Christmas story because they consider that It does not “fit” the profile or meet the beauty standards that this character should have.

“Unfortunately I am being attacked by a person who says the following: that I am not within the standard that is needed or required to be a fairy or a princess. That I am too ugly “, he initially stated.

“As she pays her entrance, she has every right to demand a pretty, typical, blue-eyed, blonde fairy. etc (…) Yes gentlemen, in the middle of 2022 “, added and showed screenshots of some comments that these netizens left on their posts on Instagram.

After that, Eskenazi was outraged by these messages. “I’m in shock… aren’t you? In summary what these people say is that I cannot be a fairy or a princess because I am a brunette and because I am not pretty… That’s what they say”, he indicated.

“I’m not here to be liked by everyone, that’s true, but I consider that there is no standard of beauty to be a princess or a fairy. I have released a song that talks about dreams, I am doing things to motivate people (…) It does affect me, it does shock me, it does make me sad (the criticism) “, ended.

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