Miluska Eskenazi: Protagonist of the series “Llauca” launches as a singer and presents a Christmas show

After finishing the series Llauca, Miluska Eskenazi will continue fully with her artistic career. The actress not only launches herself as an event producer, she is also preparing her Christmas show and this December 3 she launched her song “Shine Now”, which can now be heard on all digital platforms.

Although it is true ‘Llauca’ has already ended on open television, you can still see it on Movistar Play, that is why all the actors are still active on social networks. Meanwhile, I continue with my school Shine Now, focused on new projects, a song and a Christmas show “highlighted the young woman, who has stood out in numerous theatrical works, in addition to receiving praise in competition contests, such as La Voz and El Artist of the Year.

Regarding her new song, also called “Shine Now”, the artist stressed that she was interested in talking a lot about motivation, dreams and that it is never too late to fulfill them.

“It is about the fight of dreams despite the stones that you may find along the way, although it is true my school Shine Now is aimed at children and adolescents, what I wanted to achieve with this song is that the message reaches everyone public”, He detailed.

Asked if this song has a lot to do with her life, the young woman pointed out: “If much. Here I am talking about moving forward. I have worked many years so that they know my talent, it has been difficult, but I am achieving it. Thanks to this, I have a very clear vision of what I am looking for, not only do I want to teach singing, acting and dance, which are the pillars of musical theater, I also want to impart confidence in my students. With this song, and through my school, I want to continue fighting so that bullying does not repeat itself, insecurities, fear, I want to empower them and let them know how to express what they feel”.

Eskenazi assures that his musical show, ‘Christmas Shines Now’, has the same purpose, but focused on Christmas, that you should not stop dreaming and believing in this holiday. He also added that for this Christmas proposal he has chosen two children from his school, while, for his song, 4 little ones have already recorded the choirs.

Christmas Shines Now is sold corporately but we will also have two performances for the public on Saturday, December 18, at 4:30 pm and 6:15 pm in the Auditorium of the Teresa Gonzales De Fanning School (Javier Mariategui 1063, Jesús Maria). We are really very excited about this proposal, where friends actors such as Ana Paula Delgado, Jorge Jesua, Danna Huertas, Gian Piero Llatas and Oleck Chlewobski will join me.”, He detailed.

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