Minas Gerais: report a new death from the collapse of the cliff that fell in Brazil

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Rescue teams found this Sunday morning another person who died from a fall from a canyon wall that hit four boats in a lake in Minas Gerais, Brazil. So far they are eight dead, thirty wounded and two missing.

Members of the Fire Department, Navy and Police. The tragic accident happened at noon on Saturday at Lake Furnas, located in the municipality of Capitólio, which belongs to the state of Minais Gerais in Brazil.

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As estimated by rescue teams, most of the eight dead They died from the impact of the mass of rocks, although it was also confirmed that there were several people who did not have a life jacket at the time of the accident.

There are more than 30 injured who suffered minor injuries, but seven of them had serious injuries and were transferred to the emergency room in São José da Barra (MG), a municipality located 45.5 kilometers from the canyons. Three arrived immobilized but conscious, and today there are four people who continue in different health units.

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