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Mindy Kaling Shares Heartwarming Pics of Baby Anne's 1st July 4th Celebration

Mindy Kaling Shares Heartwarming Pics of Baby Anne’s 1st July 4th Celebration

Mindy Kaling delighted her fans on Instagram this week by sharing an album featuring her new baby Anne’s first Independence Day. The 45-year-old TV star took everyone by surprise last week when she revealed that she had secretly given birth to Anne, her third child, back in February.

In the Instagram post, Mindy gave a glimpse into the festive Fourth of July celebration she had with her children: six-year-old daughter Katherine, three-year-old son Spencer, and baby Anne. One particularly touching photo shows Mindy beaming at the camera while cradling baby Anne, whose face was kept out of the frame.

The photos also included Katherine and Spencer joyfully playing with their toys in the backyard. Another video captured them scampering over boulders at the beach.

Mindy also shared an aerial view of Anne comfortably sitting on her lap as they basked in the sea breeze. “A sandy/salty skin/no makeup/freezing cold perfect waves/lots of sunscreen/frosting/outside for hours kind of Independence Day,” she captioned the video, emphasizing the laid-back, joyful essence of the holiday.

Ensuring a memorable experience for her children, Mindy included themed cupcakes adorned with American-flag-colored icing in the celebration.

Mindy had earlier revealed that she welcomed Anne into the world following a secret pregnancy, sharing the news in an Instagram post last Monday, which coincided with her 45th birthday. Describing baby Anne as “the best birthday present I could’ve ever imagined,” she also posted a picture of her baby bump along with a heartwarming snapshot of her older children bonding with the new sibling.

In her joy-filled caption, Mindy expressed, “When things are hard, whenever I veer towards cynicism, my three kids are such a great reminder of the pure joy in my life. I’m so lucky I live in a place where I could do this by myself, on my own timeline.”

Mindy has not publicly revealed the father of her children. In a 2019 interview with The New York Times before her son was born, she mentioned that she did not intend to disclose that information publicly until she discussed it with her daughter first. However, her close friend and “The Office” co-star, B.J. Novak, is notably the godfather of Katherine and Spencer.

Kaling had previously dismissed rumors about Novak being the father of her children, clarifying in an interview with Marie Claire that, while he is the godparent to her kids and shares a great relationship with them, the speculation doesn’t bother her.

Reflecting on her mothering journey, Mindy had spoken to Glamour back in 2019 about her decision to become a mom. She admitted she would have likely kept postponing motherhood if not for specific circumstances. Her relationship with her late mother, Swati, who passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2012, greatly influenced her decision to start a family.

Recalling her bond with her mother, Mindy shared, “Thinking back on our relationship is still such a huge source of my happiness day-to-day, so I’m so grateful for having Katherine.”

As a single mother, Mindy acknowledges her privileged position, noting in an interview with Us Weekly in 2019, “I have help, you know, and I know that’s not the case for all American women. I’m a single mom, but I have the means to have help.”

Mindy’s approach to motherhood includes surprising her fans with delightful family news. In 2017, she confirmed her pregnancy with Katherine after Oprah Winfrey accidentally spilled the beans. She had kept her second pregnancy under wraps and once again took the world by surprise when she announced the birth of her second child in 2020.

Celebrity friends poured in their congratulations after Mindy revealed the arrival of her third child. From Andy Cohen’s cheerful “Congratulations!!!!” to Reese Witherspoon’s “Beautifully said,” the outpouring of love and good wishes added to the celebratory mood. John Legend, Julianne Moore, Lena Waithe, Octavia Spencer, and Tan France were among the stars who congratulated her, each adding their own heartfelt messages.

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