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Mindy Kaling Shares Rare Glimpse of Her New Baby Anne

Mindy Kaling Shares Rare Glimpse of Her New Baby Anne

Mindy Kaling is embracing life with her new baby Anne, who is five months old. The star of The Office recently shared a first glimpse of her little one on Instagram during their Fourth of July celebrations.

In a photo carousel, Mindy captioned the images: "A sandy/salty skin/no makeup/freezing cold perfect waves/lots of sunscreen/frosting/outside for hours kind of Independence Day."

One of the photos shows Mindy with baby Anne on her lap. Anne, dressed in white and blue stripes, has a full head of hair. Although Anne’s face is hidden from the camera, Mindy’s smile in the sunlight conveys her joy.

Mindy also posted photos of her other children, Katherine Swati, six, and Spencer Avu, three, playing together on the lawn. The family appeared to enjoy a beach outing as well, with a clip showing the kids walking down rocky terrain toward the ocean waves.

Another touching moment captured Anne grabbing Mindy’s thumb with her tiny fingers as they sat on the sandy shore, close to the water’s edge. The family seemed to enjoy some quality time together by the waves, soaking up the sun.

Mindy and her children also engaged in some creative culinary fun, frosting cupcakes as a family activity for the holiday.

On June 24, the day Mindy celebrated her 45th birthday, she revealed she had quietly welcomed her third baby, Anne. She posted a heartfelt message on Instagram, accompanied by a photo of her two eldest children lying next to the newborn, along with an image of her baby bump and one of her sitting in a hospital bed with Katherine and Spencer.

"In late February I gave birth to my daughter, Anne. She’s the best birthday present I could’ve ever imagined," Mindy wrote.

She added, "When things are hard, whenever I veer towards cynicism, my three kids are such a great reminder of the pure joy in my life. I’m so lucky I live in a place where I could do this by myself, on my own timeline. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!"

Though Mindy has kept the paternity of her children private, it is known that her ex-boyfriend B.J. Novak is the godfather to Katherine and Spencer. Despite their on-again-off-again relationship while working on The Office, Mindy and Novak have remained close friends.

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