Minecraft 1.18 Snapshot 21w37a: all the changes and news

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Minecraft it continues to evolve even though years have passed since it first saw the light. Currently the title of Mojang is in its version 1.17, but it will not take long to evolve until the 1.18, at least in the case of Java. We already know some of the news that will arrive with this future update, so we leave them detailed here as well as remembering that you have a guide to the game available on our website.

What’s new in Minecraft version 1.18

Cave biomes

  • Exuberant Caves: A new cave biome rich in flora and fauna that spawns under the azalea trees. It has vines hanging from the ceiling on which bright berries grow. Axolotls may appear.
  • Drip caves: This cave biome has stalactites and stalagmites.

Mountain sub-biomes

  • Grove biome
  • high peak biome
  • prairie biome
  • Snow Peak Biome
  • Snowy slopes biome
  • Rocky Peak Biome

Generation of caves

  • Noise caves (noodles, spaghetti, cheese)
  • Aquifers

Mineral distribution

  • Changes have been made to the distribution of the ore to adapt to the new global height. They no longer spawn at a specific height. This will add more introduced mining strategies.
  • The ore of iron it is generated below Y72 and also above Y112. The higher the player gets, the more iron he will find.
  • The ore of copper spawns between levels Y 0 and 96. Players will see them in large numbers in the drip caves.
  • The ore of Lapislázuli is generated below Y64. Your minerals that are generated between Y32 and Y-32 will not be exposed to air.
  • The ore of Coal in Minecraft it spawns above Y0. They will be less exposed to the air.
  • The ore of oro is generated below Y32. Players will continue to find a large amount of gold ore in the badlands biomes. Players can find and mine Redstone ore below level Y 16. The deeper the player is below Y-32, the more redstone ores they will discover. from Y16, and as the player descends, he will find more.
  • Like the minerals of coal and lapis lazuli, they will be less exposed to the air.
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World generation

  • The world generation height limit has been increased by sixty-four blocks both up and down.
  • The new total range is 384 blocks.
  • Underground structures like caves can now spawn up to Y-64.
  • Drip groups can no longer be found in normal caves, only in the drip caves biome.
  • Terrain shape and elevation vary dramatically, regardless of biomes.
  • Less diorite / granite / andesite is generated above y 60
  • Stripes of gravel can be generated on stony shores.
  • Swamp trees can grow in water two blocks deep.

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