Mirabel Madrigal- A Fictional Character In Disney’s 2021 Animated Picture Encanto 

By: Belu Di Lorenzo

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Mirabel Madrigal

Encanto, a feature film by Disney, stars Mirabel Madrigal as the lead character. She is Luisa and Isabela’s younger sister, Agustin and Julieta’s youngest child, and Alma’s youngest grandchild. She is not like the other members of her family, who all have magical abilities. 

Early Years

Mirabel, Julieta and Agustin Madrigal’s youngest child, were born on May 6, 15 years before the events in the movie. Before Camilo received his birthday present and moved away from the nursery, Mirabel and her cousin Camilo, who is four months older than she is, shared the nursery. She and Camilo had previously spent a year sharing it with Luisa.


When she was five, Mirabel wore her distinctive green glasses and resembled her adolescent self regarding her petite features and haircut. 

Mirabel wore a white designer dress with golden dragonflies printed and lace frills at the sleeves the night of her ceremony. She accessorised with a light pink bow pin positioned towards the top and marginally to the left side of her forehead. She complimented her dress with white and gold sandals as well.


Mirabel is an upbeat and unrestricted young girl since, unlike her family, she lacks magical skills. Casita heroically pledges to protect Villa Madrigal and the mystical land of Encanto when she breaks. 

She likes solving problems and puts a lot of effort into becoming friends with others, particularly her family. Mirabel is outgoing and driven to provide for her family. 


Alma Madrigal: The mother of Mirabel’s mother, Julieta, is Mirabel’s maternal grandmother. They have had a strong relationship since Mirabel’s childhood, and Mirabel loved Alma’s stories about how their family’s magic happened. Yet once Mirabel didn’t receive her present, their bond got strained. Mirabel tried her best to live up to the standards set by the other family members and respected Alma’s view of her, but Alma frequently overlooked her attempts to assist. 

Agustín and Julieta Madrigal: Agustin and Julieta, Mirabel’s parents, are close and are addressed as “Papi” and “Mamá” by Mirabel. The day before Antonio’s gift ceremony, Agustin and Julieta tried to help Mirabel feel better by offering her words of consolation. Mirabel appreciated this even if she typically didn’t believe them. 

Isabela Madrigal: The elder sister of Mirabel is Isabela, and they have been quite close since childhood, but as they grew older, their relationship deteriorated as a result of Isabela’s increasing pressure to achieve perfection. 

Their relationship was so strained at the movie’s beginning that they both despised one another. Many times in the film, Mirabel makes it clear that she hates Isabela, including when Isabela sings a stanza in the track “We Don’t Speak About Bruno” and Mirabel refers to Isabela as a “self-centred, arrogant Princess” in the course of an argument. 

Luisa Madrigal: The older sister of Mirabel is Luisa. In the movie, Mirabel has a closer bond with Luisa than Isabela between her two elder sisters. It is clear from the lyric “The Family Madrigal” that Mirabel has much respect for Lusia, who refers to her as “the brute strength” who “does no evil.” 

Encanto’s Story 

It is Antonio’s fifth birthday the morning the movie begins, so a gift is anticipated for him at the end of the day. When Mirabel attempts to explain herself to the children, Osvaldo arrives at the Casita and gives her a huge gift basket, which he describes as “not special,” as she is the only Madrigal child who hasn’t received anything.

When a child tells Mirabel that she would be depressed if she were in her situation, Mirabel responds that there is no depression in her life and feels just as unique as the rest of her family, even if she doesn’t have a talent. 

The family is then led inside by Casita, starting with Mirabel. She cries out for her loved ones and the neighbours to accompany her. Later, Mirabel and Alma join the family for a new family portrait. 

Skills and Powers 

Mirabel won’t get a gift; hence she does not have magical prowess or capabilities like the others in her extraordinary family.

Apart from Abuela Alma, the rest of her family isn’t able to communicate with Casita, but she can. By adding her doorknob, which her family created for her, to the front door at the film’s end, Mirabel confirms her status as the new carrier of the magic, revives Casita, and restores the magic.

Mirabel is very talented in many other areas in addition to her duty as the new vessel of magic. She is a talented seamstress and embroiderer, as seen by the profuse stitching she uses to embellish her clothing. She also gives Antonio a handcrafted plush jaguar toy that she made herself. 

Mirabel can grab and carry several ceramic dishes and has significant reactions. She is quick enough to race across Casita’s roofs, swing across a vast abyss, and stay consistent with Isabela as the latter produces giant plants quickly. 

Mirabel is proficient enough at accordion playing to receive an unexpected invitation to perform with the local musicians. Mirabel learns during the movie that she is also incredibly skilled at persuading family members to confide in her.

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