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Miranda Lambert Picks Five Songs for Fans to Rock Out to at Her Shows

Miranda Lambert is fine with fights breaking out at her shows— as long as fans choose their timing carefully.

The singer recently interrupted a fight during a performance of “Tin Man,” her award-winning heartbreak ballad. Lambert quickly shut the situation down, even calling the police to remove the unruly fans. However, she later clarified that it wasn’t the brawl itself that bothered her; it was the fact that it disrupted one of her most poignant songs.

“If you want to fight at my shows, I’m all about it. Give ’em hell,” Lambert stated in a video message she posted to social media. “I’ve got five songs for you.”

She then listed songs from her catalog that would be more appropriate for a fight: “Fastest Girl in Town,” “Kerosene,” “Gunpowder and Lead,” “Little Red Wagon,” and her new single, “Wranglers.”

Lambert enjoys a rowdy country show, but she loves strong storytelling and emotion even more— and that’s why she won’t tolerate fights during her more sentimental ballads.

“Don’t do it during ‘Tin Man.’ That’s not the time,” she continued. “I know you can hear the s–t-talking because it’s a ballad. But that’s not the time. So pick your times. You’ve got five songs. Look at the setlist and choose wisely.”

Fans in the comments section mostly supported Lambert’s stance, while some offered their own suggestions for other fight-appropriate songs from her catalog, such as “Only Prettier,” “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” and “Mama’s Broken Heart.”

Lambert is currently on a creative streak. After releasing “Wranglers” in May, she followed up with another new song, “Dammit Randy,” which features a co-writing credit from her husband, Brendan McLoughlin.

Source: Taste of Country