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Miranda Lambert Speaks Out After Breaking Up Fan Fight at Concert

After smoothly pausing a recent performance to break up a fight between fans in the crowd, Miranda Lambert offered some cheeky advice for her concertgoers who feel the urge to brawl during her shows.

Lambert took to social media to address the viral incident, opening her video by saying, “If you want to fight at my shows, I’m all about it.” However, she emphasized one major condition: certain songs are more appropriate for fighting than others. Referring to the altercation that happened during her song “Tin Man,” she suggested more suitable tracks for such behavior.

“I’ve got five songs for you: ‘Fastest Girl in Town,’ ‘Kerosene,’ ‘Little Red Wagon,’ ‘Wranglers,’ ‘Gunpowder & Lead,'” she listed, then added, “Don’t do it during ‘Tin Man.’ That’s not the time.”

Lambert wrapped up her message with a bit of humor, saying, “Pick your times. You’ve got five songs. Look at the setlist and choose wisely,” before giving a playful wink to the camera.

Fans adored Lambert’s playful yet pragmatic approach. Many fully supported her stance on “Tin Man,” responding with comments such as, “Don’t ruin Tin Man, my Jam💞💞,” “agree 100% DON’T ever mess with Tin Man ❤️,” and “Fighting during Tin Man should be a felony.”

One follower praised the video, calling it “the greatest PSA I’ve ever seen,” while another said, “This is the best 😂😂. Have some respect for Tin Man people.”

The admiration continued with another fan labeling Lambert as “legendary,” and one advising fellow concertgoers, “Y’all plz listen to the…queen and fight when she says it’s okay to do so sheesh😩😂.”

The humorous social media post was a direct response to an incident at a recent Texas concert. During her performance, some women in the audience began fighting, prompting Lambert to pause her song. She pointed out the commotion and requested security to remove the disruptive individuals so the show could continue smoothly.

Lambert’s fans appeared delighted by her candidness and sense of humor, further cementing her reputation as a beloved and down-to-earth artist.

Source: Particlenews