Miranda Lambert’s Concert Etiquette: A Lesson in Selfie Etiquette

Miranda Lambert's Concert Etiquette: A Lesson in Selfie Etiquette

Country superstar Miranda Lambert recently made headlines when she scolded fans for taking selfies during her Las Vegas residency show. The incident occurred during a performance of her song ‘Tin Man’ at the Bakkt Theater, where Lambert abruptly paused the music to address the distracted fans.

‘I’m gonna stop right here for a second,’ Lambert said, as captured on a fan video. ‘These girls are worried about their selfie and not listening to the song. It’s pissing me off a little bit. I don’t like it. At all. We’re here to hear some country music tonight. I’m singing some country damn music.’

The video of Lambert’s scolding went viral on social media, sparking a debate among fans and concertgoers. While some applauded Lambert for calling out the distracted fans, others felt that her reaction was harsh and uncalled for.

One concertgoer, Adela Calin, who was part of the group that Lambert called out, expressed her disappointment with the singer’s behavior. Calin explained that they were simply trying to take a group photo to capture a memorable moment at the concert.

‘It felt like I was back at school with the teacher scolding me for doing something wrong and telling me to sit down back in my place,’ Calin said. ‘… I feel like she was determined to make us look like we were young, immature, and vain. But we were just grown women in our 30s to 60s trying to take a picture.’

The incident raises questions about concert etiquette in the age of smartphones and social media. While taking photos and videos at concerts has become a common practice, it’s important to consider the impact it has on the overall concert experience.

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Concerts are meant to be a shared experience between the artist and the audience. When fans are more focused on capturing the perfect selfie or video, they may miss out on fully immersing themselves in the music and the atmosphere of the live performance.

Furthermore, the trend of throwing objects at artists onstage has become a concerning issue in recent years. Artists like Bebe Rexha, Ava Max, and Kelsea Ballerini have all been targeted by fans throwing objects, resulting in injuries and safety concerns.

While it’s understandable that fans want to capture and share their concert experiences on social media, it’s important to do so responsibly and respectfully. Here are some tips for practicing good concert etiquette:

  • Be present: Put your phone away and fully engage with the music and the performance. Live in the moment and enjoy the experience.
  • Respect the artist: Remember that the artist is there to perform for you. Show your appreciation by giving them your full attention and respect.
  • Consider others: Be mindful of the people around you. Avoid obstructing their view or distracting them with excessive phone use.
  • Follow venue rules: Familiarize yourself with the venue’s policies on photography and recording. Some venues may have restrictions on the use of phones and cameras during performances.
  • Capture memories responsibly: If you do want to take photos or videos, do so discreetly and without disrupting others. Avoid using flash or blocking the view of those behind you.

By practicing good concert etiquette, fans can ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and memorable experience. It’s important to strike a balance between capturing memories and being fully present in the moment.

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