“Miriam Corregüela Reacts to Yaiza Martin’s Proposal to Her Father”

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Unexpected Proposal on Spanish Television Show

This Friday’s episode of Sálvame shocked viewers with an unexpected event: a marriage proposal. Former Survivors contestant, Yaiza Martin, surprised fellow contestant Ginés Corregüela by asking for his hand in marriage while dressed as a bride.

Daughter’s Critical Response to Proposal

However, Ginés’ daughter Miriam did not respond positively to the proposal. She took to social media to criticize the couple’s “theater” and voiced her disapproval of the situation. The strained relationship between Ginés and Miriam has been worsening since Ginés’ appearance on Survivors. The tension has increased with this latest decision by Ginés and Yaiza.

Ginés’ Emotional Struggle

Ginés himself has been struggling with emotional distress due to the deteriorating relationship with his daughter. He spoke publicly about the difficulties he’s been facing and how his family members are not speaking to him. The situation has taken its toll on him, and he is visibly upset by the strained relationship.

The proposal by Yaiza and Ginés has stirred up a lot of emotions, both positive and negative. Viewers will have to wait and see how this situation plays out and what the future holds for this couple and their strained family relationships.

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