“Miriam Corregüela’s Response to Yaiza Martin’s Proposal to her Father Ginés”

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Former Survivors contestants get engaged on Sálvame

The viewers of Sálvame were shocked on Friday’s program when Yaiza Martin proposed to Ginés Corregüela live on air. Dressed as a bride, the former contestant from Survivors declared her eternal love to Ginés, who accepted her proposal, ending the scene with a passionate kiss.

Ginés’ daughter unhappy with the engagement

Not everyone was pleased with the proposal, with Ginés’ daughter Miriam Corregüela expressing her disapproval on social media, calling it “theatre”. This has further damaged the already strained relationship between Miriam and her father following his appearance on Survivors.

Relationship problems

The situation with his daughter has reportedly been upsetting for Ginés, who claims he is now prevented from even speaking to her on the phone. The daughter has even blocked Ginés on social media and plans to not invite him to her wedding in September. This latest news of the engagement will only serve to exacerbate the already tense relationship between the two.

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