Miriam Margolyes has not forgiven Arnold Schwarzenegger for farting in his face

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The veteran performer Miriam Margolyes, better known as Professor Sprout from the ‘Harry Potter films, has never been known precisely for biting her tongue and age has only managed to make her more uninhibited. You can never predict what he will tell in his appearances on British television, especially when he goes to Graham Norton’s talk show, in which he has shared several embarrassing anecdotes about his co-stars.

Now it’s the turn of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, with whom he worked in 1999 on the horror film ‘The End of Days’. The action hero did not make a good impression on her at first, because she seemed to her the typical conceited movie star, and his behavior in the following days did nothing but convince her that her instinct had not failed her.

“He farted in my face. I also fart, of course, but not in people’s faces. He did it deliberately, right in my face,” she said on news.com.au’s ‘I’ve News For You’ podcast.

The incident in question occurred during a scene in which Arnie, who plays a former policeman in the middle of a mission to prevent the advent of the Antichrist, tries to assassinate his character.

“It had me in a position where I couldn’t escape and I was lying on the ground. And he farted. It wasn’t while we were shooting, it was in one of the breaks, but I haven’t forgiven him,” he said.

Miriam has never been afraid to leave very powerful figures in the film industry in a bad place. Leonardo DiCaprio, for example, said he smelled bad while filming Romeo + Juliet and showed very little regard for his co-star Claire Danes, who was clearly in love with him. However, in the case of the Oscar-winning actor, it seems to him that everything was forgivable because Leo was still a twenty-something with questionable hygiene, like many young people at that age, and he was always very kind to her. In fact, the two shared their passion for flea markets and spent hours searching for small treasures on the streets of Mexico City.

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