“Mogwai’s Secrets Unveiled in Critical METE Review: Gremlins”

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METE-CRITICAL | Gremlins: Mogwai’s Secrets | Another Eighties Creature Claims Its Return

Almost forty years after the premiere of Gremlins 2: The Next Generation (67%), we see the return of one of the most emblematic and endearing franchises of the ’80s. Under the gaze of its creator Joe Dante, who serves as supervisor, and accompanied by Steven Spielberg in production, Gremlins: The Secrets of the Mogwai (94%) arrives on the MAX platform.

While the aforementioned sequel wasn’t well received at the box office, the new animated series has decided to take advantage of the tenderness of the creature that serves as a detonator for these adventures and offer a proposal that can more easily reach the general public. The intention is clear in this sense, to give rise to a good number of consumer products such as stuffed animals and action figures.

A Horror and Fantasy Product for Children

Gremlins: The Secrets of the Mogwai doesn’t deviate too much from the source material. Although the black humour may have renounced cynicism, it’s present in the right doses to give shape to what can be classified as an intelligent horror and fantasy product for children that is very enjoyable for adults too.

As the series progresses and the destructive gremlins appear, the mysterious atmospheres of its universe become sprinkled with slight touches of horror. These are concealed by the reluctance of using any degree of blood, but still somewhat disturbing and with certain physical transgressions and even small jokes about it.

Complexity at the Heart of the Plot

The series is not all about horror and fantasy, though. It also explores the relationship between the two leading children. The characters’ circumstances obey very contrasting realities and profiles that are more than in line with the current and necessary demand for new approaches to gender roles within entertainment.

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The plot acquires a certain complexity when confronting them with their internal wounds and with moral dilemmas. They are capable of making decisions for themselves to define their future personalities.

Connecting with Old Fans

The return to the emblematic musical theme of the franchise and the fact that one of the children will eventually become the old owner of the store where for the first time we saw the endearing Gizmo in the cinema are enough references for Gremlins: The Secrets of the Mogwai (94%) to connect with old fans. In each episode, the series is nourished by the tradition of fairytale stories with everything from their dark, cruel, and twisted features.

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