Moncloa tells Congress that it does not intend to study the polluting emissions of the Falcon de Sánchez

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The Executive of PSOE-Podemos does not intend to commission any study on the polluting emissions of the Falcon and the Super Puma, the plane and the helicopter of the Air Force of which the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, has been abusing it since he came to power in mid-2018.

This is what Moncloa has made known to the Congress of Deputies through a response from the Government to a parliamentary question written in this sense formulated by Vox in the Lower House: «Does the Government plan to carry out an official study of the pollutant load that it emits the Falcon 900B and the Super Puma helicopter? », raised the formation of Santiago Abascal.

And Moncloa’s concise answer, consulted by OKDIARIO, has been: «Among the missions of the aircraft that are the object of the reference question is the transport of authorities, as part of the State’s action. It is not planned to carry out an official study on its emissions », sentences the socialcommunist government in just three lines.

Vox registered this initiative in relation to the round trip aboard the Falcon that Pedro Sánchez made in Asturias on July 13 to present a plan to decarnate the industry and “demand compliance with environmental sustainability objectives” as part of its ‘Spain 2050’ strategy. That is to say, living room ecology.

In the explanatory statement of this initiative, the country’s third force echoes an information published by OKDIARIO in April 2019 on the conclusions of A study made by the expert Juan Ramón Muñoz Rico, professor of industrial engineering at the University of Salamanca, on the round trip in Falcon that Sánchez made in July 2018 to a concert by The Killers at the Benicàssim International Festival.

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Muñoz Rico calculated by means of various equations that this round trip generated 57,815 kilograms of CO2. Although the total emission was double, 115,630 kilos, taking into account that the Falcon left Pedro Sánchez in Castellón, returned to Madrid at night and returned to the Valencian Community the next day to pick him up and return him to Madrid, so in he actually made four trips of about 400 kilometers each. Three hours of flight approximately.

Fourteen times higher

The ecological footprint of Sánchez’s trip to see The Killers was fourteen times greater than the displacement made by another person taking a commercial roundtrip flight between Madrid and Castellón.

These data are also extrapolated to the consumption of a diesel car. A mid-range diesel engine produces 2.6 kilograms of CO2 for every liter of fuel it burns. Taking as a reference the 400 kilometers of distance, a journey between Madrid and Castellón, a diesel car generates approximately 208 kilograms of CO2 on that one way route, that is, 416 adding the return. Therefore, a Falcon back and forth between the capital and the Levantine city pollutes like almost 139 cars (almost 556 counting the four trips).

In addition, Vox points out that “the approximate cost of an hour’s flight of the Falcon 900B is 5.600 euros, which includes the salary of the personnel, fuel and maintenance ”. “All this is paid from the budget items of the Ministry of Defense,” he adds.

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