Monday: Sony & Pornhub lawsuits, iOS WiFi bug, cybergrooming film & cash hoard

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While Sony wants to ban the DNS resolution of domains by means of an interim injunction because the smallest of the public DNS resolvers could violate copyright law, an unusual WLAN name throws Apple’s iOS operating system off its feet and switches off the network function permanently. Cash has neither been switched off nor abolished and, despite the growing trend towards card payments, continues to be popular, but is often hoarded.

A lawsuit in California accuses Pornhub operator of knowingly making a profit from abuse in non-consensual sex videos, but the company denies the allegation. In the Czech Republic, on the other hand, a terrifying film experiment throws the spotlight on child abuse on the Internet. The most important of the weekend in brief.

The open DNS resolver operator Quad9, who recently immigrated from the USA to Switzerland for data protection reasons, made the acquaintance of Europe’s copyright hunters. Sony has taken legal action against the smallest of the public DNS resolversto prevent access to a domain that makes albums of the music label accessible via sharehoster. Sony has now obtained an injunction against the DNS resolver for copyright infringement.

An unusual WLAN name, on the other hand, brings about the Switching off the network function in iOS. The strange bug terminates the entire WLAN stack of Apple’s mobile operating system. As soon as an iPhone has connected to the WLAN of a special SSID, the WLAN component of the smartphone can no longer be activated. The SSID with format strings as a special network name paralyzes the WLAN component in iOS.

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To fix this WiFi bug, however, no new iPhone is required, so you don’t have to pay any money for it. Nevertheless Many Germans hoard cash, although the growing trend towards paying without bills and coins remains high. The Bundesbank suspects that because of the high level of uncertainty in the pandemic, people are keeping cash at home and have often made contactless payments by card or online. Cash is very popular – an estimated 40 percent is being hoarded.

It is also about money Lawsuit against Pornhub operator Mindgeek. According to the law firm, Pornhub is alleged to have knowingly benefited from videos showing rape, child sexual exploitation, revenge porn, human trafficking, and other non-consensual sexual content. Because of this abuse of non-consensual sex videos, 34 women are suing the Pornhub company.

Abuse is also the subject of the documentary “Caught in the Net”, which is highlighted in the Czech Republic Child abuse on the internet has thrown. Only a few clicks separate the perpetrators from their potential victims on the Internet – for example, when adults contact girls and boys specifically via social networks, for example to get nude photos. The documentary “Gefangen im Netz” is a terrifying film experiment on child abuse. It is coming to the cinema shortly and will also be available online.

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