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Monedero received another 200,000 euros from Chavismo at the Alba Hotel in Caracas

The ideologue of Podemos Juan Carlos Wallet received another 200,000 euros from Chavismo at the Hotel Alba in Caracas. The delivery is being investigated jointly by the National Court and the Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit (UDEF) of the National Police in the case about the illegal financing of the party founded by Pablo Iglesias, according to what OKDIARIO has learned exclusively.

Until now, only the Spanish chain Meliá de Caracas had come into the equation. The former head of Venezuelan Intelligence Hugo The chicken Carvajal revealed that Nicolás Maduro delivered, through an assistant, $ 600,000 to Wallet in the Spanish hotel chain. Now, the judge is investigating yet another delivery at the Venezuelan hotel Alba de Caracas.

As this newspaper has learned, the instructor investigates a cash delivery from the Embassy of Cuba at the Alba Hotel. Williams Amaro, personal assistant to Bolivarian President Nicolás Maduro, carried 200,000 euros in a suitcase that he gave to the ideologue Podemita in his room at the 5-star Venetur Alba Caracas. This 103-meter high building is the second tallest hotel in the Venezuelan country, it is managed by the Bolivarian government and is located on the premises of the Simón Bolivar complex.

Juan Carlos Monedero received 200,000 euros from Chavismo at the Hotel Alba Caracas.
Juan Carlos Monedero received 200,000 euros from Chavismo at the Hotel Alba Caracas.

The UDEF is now investigating the dates on which Monedero traveled to Venezuela and the registers to find out if during the trip you have stayed at the Venezuelan hotel Alba Caracas and at the Spanish chain Meliá, as shown in the information that is under summary secrecy in the Central Court of Instruction number 6 of the National Court.

These investigations are added to the statement in the judicial headquarters of the Chavista general. Carvajal explained that there were different ways to finance the far-left party Podemos. An era through diplomatic bag from the Venezuelan embassy in Spain; another, with money deliveries through Spanish companies and, finally, through cash deliveries in Venezuela from the Cuban Embassy.

According to the Chavista general, three people always participated: Juan Carlos Monedero was in charge of the Spanish part and was in charge of receiving and coordinating the receipt of money; Ramon Gordils He was Maduro’s representative to maintain the relationship with Podemos outside the country; and the assistant Williams Amaro who was in charge of collecting and delivering money personally, always within Venezuela.

Two Venezuelan ‘covers’

The Police, in addition to the money given in cash to Monedero in Venezuela, is also investigating the diversion of $ 142,000 that Nicolás Maduro paid to the founders of Podemos Carolina Bescansa, Jorge Lago and Ariel Jerez through “a Venezuelan company with a Spanish facade.”

The Chicken Carvajal recounted in a Confidential Report, title of the document sent to the judge of the National Court Manuel García-Castellón to which this newspaper had exclusive access, which Maduro ordered the president of Bancoex and current Vice Minister of Economic Cooperation, Ramón Gordils, to hire “Spanish companies of his choice to to organize international events Venezuela Exports. Once the contract was awarded and paid, the owner of the company gave part of his profits as a dividend in Spain to Juan Carlos Monedero ».

The chicken Carvajal pointed to the mercantile Viu Europa SL and Viu Comunicación, whose sole administrator is the Venezuelan Ernesto Velasco, as those in charge of financing the morados with funds from Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA).

Nicolás Maduro We Can
Nicolás Maduro and Juan Carlos Monedero.

Sources consulted by OKDIARIO assure that Venezuela hired Velasco companies to organize the assembly of lighting and stages for these events that apparently had the objective of promoting Venezuelan products in the world. However, according to the military man in his written statement, the objective was to divert part of that money to Monedero and thus finance the party then led by Pablo Iglesias.

The Prosecutor’s Office, under the command of the State Attorney General, Dolores Delgado, appealed this Tuesday the judge’s decision to investigate these two covers. However, the magistrate must resolve this appeal for reform which, if rejected, will be raised to the Chamber.

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